Understanding Court-Ordered Title vs. Bonded Title: What You Need to Know

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Oftentimes, court-ordered and bonded titles are seen as the same process. However, they are two very different methods of title recovery. What is the difference between a court-ordered title and a bonded title?

A court-ordered title is exactly what it sounds like – a title ordered by a court. This happens when there is a dispute over who owns the car or when the original title has been lost or destroyed. To get a court-ordered title, you must file a lawsuit and provide evidence that you are the car’s rightful owner. The court will then issue a new title in your name. This process is typically the last resort after all other methods of title recovery have been exhausted and unproductive.

A bonded title is a bit different. With a bonded title, you purchase a bond from a surety company, which guarantees that you are the car’s rightful owner. This bond acts as a substitute for a title. However, you must still provide documentation to the DMV or other relevant agency to prove you own the car. After a certain period of time (usually a few years), you can apply for a regular title, and the bond will be released. Keep in mind that not all states allow for a bonded title. In these non-bonded states, they often have an alternate method that may be similar to a court-ordered title process.

The main difference between a court-ordered title and a bonded title is the process involved. A court-ordered title requires going to court and proving ownership, while a bonded title involves purchasing a bond from a surety company. Both options can be helpful if there are issues with the original title, but the best choice depends on the situation. It’s important to research and understand the requirements and limitations of each option before deciding which one to pursue.

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